The blue envelope from the Dutch tax authorities

Have you received the blue envelope from the Dutch tax authorities already?

We are specialised in Dutch tax returns with an international touch.

This specific knowledge and experience has the following advantages for you:

  • we have knowledge of tax treaties and how to apply them to your personal situation
  • we know how to avoid double tax
  • we know in which country you should pay your international Social Security premiums
  • we have knowledge about international tax rules in Dutch tax law and how to apply it in your advantage
  • we always check whether your Dutch return matches with your non-Dutch return to avoid double tax in one year, but also whether certain income is taxed in different years in different countries
  • we have an excellent relationship with both Dutch and foreign international tax authorities due to our international knowledge which makes communications smoother and secure
  • we have a large international network with access to international tax knowledge and contacts
  • we also provide second opinions, not only for tax payers, but also for other tax advisory firms. We can do that for you as well. The first review of a simple tax return is of course free of charge


What else can we do for you:

  • extension ruling: it is easy for customers of Langendorff Tax Consultancy to get an extension for filing their tax return.  On the basis of special arrangements we have with the tax authorities it is possible to get an extension until first of May 2018, if necessary of course.
  • Clear communications: we use commercial tax filing software which a separete secure communication channel with the tax authorities. Not having to file tax returns via the website of the tax authorities result in better reports and better possibilities to discuss the content of your return prior to filing it.
  • Test returns: not everyone is obliged to file a tax return, however, filing a return may sometimes result in a refund (especially in case of migration situations!). It is not possible to make preliminary calculations with the tax authorities software (it will force you to file a return as soon as you start using the software). With our software we can safely make preliminary calculations. After this calculation you can give us a seperate instruction to file the tax return (or not).
  • Checklist: send us an email and you will receive a handy checklist for the year 2016 on the basis of which you can collect the information you need to file your personal income tax return.
  • Second opinion: did you know that the tax authorities can claim back taxes on foreign income up to 12 years ago? With developments in big data will make the Dutch tax authorities even more efficient than they already are. It is therefore very important to file a tax return which is correct. Any doubts whether your tax return is prepared well? Feel free to contact us, the first review of a simple return is free of charge!
  • Translation services: we provide translation services. Not only the Dutch language may cause problems in understanding what the tax authorities want from you, but also difficult legal terms may cause problems in complying with the complex Dutch tax legislation.
  • Our international network: our international network of trusted lawyers, tax advisers, accountants is very large. We know these advisers personally. Though free to contact us if you need anyone in a country: of course, free of charge.


When is your tax return a tax return with an international touch? This is, for example, the case in the following circumstances:

  • you have a 30% ruling
  • you worked in the Netherlands for a non-Dutch company
  • you have lived in the Netherlands (or years), but you also have the US nationality
  • you own a company or a substantial interest in a company outside the Netherlands
  • you have business outside the Netherlands with your company
  • you migrated to or from the Netherlands this year
  • you have doubts about your fiscal residency
  • you don’t live in the Netherlands but you have sources of income in the Netherlands
  • you have a link with a trust or a so-called “separated private equity”
  • you live in the Netherlands and receive a pension or Social Security payments
  • you do not live in the Netherlands but you receive a Dutch pension