Minimize tax liabilities, stay compliant!

Langendorff Tax Consultancy has extensive experience in international tax advice for expatriates. We gladly help you understand and act according to your exact tax position. We tackle any practical issues regarding the taxation of your income and assets effectively. Our aim is to minimize your tax liabilities, prevent double taxation whilst ensuring total compliance with international rules, regulations and treaties.

Langendorff Tax Consultancy offers services to both Dutch expatriates abroad and foreign nationals (including US) working in the Netherlands. Our (ever compliant) expatriate services include Income tax returns, including:

  • 30% ruling
  • All tax returns
  • Non-residents forms (c-forms)
  • Advice on social security issues
  • Application of and advice on tax treaties worldwide (183-days rules, fiscal residency status etcetera)
  • Migration returns


Feel free to contact us for questions or to make an appointment or use this form.

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