All-round tailored tax advice for individuals

It’s one of life’s certainties: we all have to pay taxes. Still, the infamous Dutch “blue envelope” causes headaches year after year. Don’t worry. Langendorff Tax Consultancy brings you clarity. With in-depth knowledge of complex tax laws and regulations we gladly address all your fiscal issues, including the preparation and filing of your tax return.

Living away from home?

Do you live in the Netherlands with income or assets abroad? Or do you live outside the Netherlands with assets or income in the Netherlands? If so, then you probably have to deal with both Dutch and international cross-border tax laws, regulations and treaties. Langendorff Tax Consultancy helps you comply and resolve any issues you may encounter in the process. Our services include:

  • (Cross-border) tax advice, including inheritance and gift tax issues and returns
  • Objection and litigation procedures
  • Tax compliancy audits and second opinions
  • Tax at source/withholding tax refund requests
  • Bookkeeping/company registration, business consulting
  • Fiscal advice for non-Dutch companies owned by Dutch residents
  • Dutch personal income tax returns, including 30%, expat, non-residents forms (c-forms), migration returns, double taxation avoidance
  • One-stop shop for US-citizens via our US-CPA partner
  • Application of and advice on tax treaties
  • Fiscal advice for Dutch companies owned by residents or non-residents


Feel free to contact us for questions or to make an appointment or use this form.

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