Dutch tax calendar

An overview of Dutch Tax office dates
15 February:

If no tax return form or letter requiring you to file an electronic tax return was received, check if obliged to file a return and if not, whether you are entitled to a tax refund Call us for a free check

( or +31 35 20 50 983).

1 March:

If you want to file the tax return yourself, request a tax return via the belastingdienst (from NL: 0800 – 0543, from outside NL: +31 555 385 385

1 March:

Request your digital ID ( which is required for self-filing

15 March:

Send data to tax lawyer if you do not want to prepare your return yourself

1 April:

Start prep tax return if you prepare your return yourself via

15 April:

Request extension for filing return if required via the above phone number. Tax lawyers have special arrangements with the tax authorities and can make

special arrangements such as longer extensions.

30 April:

Filing deadline (tax return must be received by TA prior to 1 May). DIGID required! Different than in some other countries, you do not need to pay the amount due yet. You will receive a confirmation whether they approve your tax return first. Included in this assessment (“aanslag”) will be the payment order, if applicable.

1 June or earlier:

Receipt assessment if return is filed prior to May. If not contact TA via the above phone number. Difficult to get the right info? Contact us: tax lawyers have different access numbers so that they can get answers more quickly and complete.

July and December:

Company car and using it for your holiday? Sometimes hiring a car is cheaper than the tax charge on your deemed salary you are considered to have earned if you use the car for private purposes too. Calculate if cheaper to rent a car for your holiday to avoid exceeding your allowed private mileage!